Iconic Nylon Nightwear: The Shadowline Petals Collection

The Petals collection is a Shadowline® classic. Often imitated but never truly duplicated, it has been our top-selling sleepwear collection for decades – right since it was first released in the 1980s!

At its launch, the Petals collection comprised just three designs: the Short Flutter Sleeve Nightgown, the 3/4 Sleeve Short Robe, and the Short Sleeve Pajama Set, all of which are still available today. Over the years we added plenty more designs, most of which have stuck around and a few, such as a nursing gown, which haven’t. Right now, there are 10 timeless designs for you to choose from, including pajamas, robes and nightgowns in a range of lengths and sleeve styles.

Shadowline® Short Flutter Sleeve Nightgown (shade Seafoam)

One thing they all have in common however is the beautiful embroidered neckline, the Petals collection namesake, which features four roses in full bloom and trimmed by scalloped edging. It’s the exact same embroidery we’ve been using since the beginning, just as the fabric itself is still the same as always.

Petals is made from our signature Opacitrique® fabric, a nylon tricot exclusive to our brand which is renowned both for its durability and its opacity (it’s far more opaque than the average nylon sleepwear, especially in the darker colors). It’s made right here in the USA, and is the same fabric we use for many of our other sleepwear collections so you have the option to mix and match between them.

Shadowline® Long Sleeve Button Down Pajama Set (shade Rosy Pink)

What has changed over the years is the color selection. Our design team likes to keep things fresh with a constantly changing palette of Petals colors, but they’re very picky about the ones which get chosen, often going through multiple fabric sample revisions until the hue is exactly as they imagined it.

The latest additions are Navy and Turquoise, and we have another two colors already in the works for next year which you won’t want to miss if you prefer pinks and purples to blues.

Shadowline® Short Flutter Sleeve Nightgown and Shadowline® Short 3/4 Sleeve Button Down Robe (shade Turquoise)

Want to hear what some of our customers think of Petals? Here are just a few highlights from recent reviews:

“I wore one of my Shadowline gowns in the hospital after my son was born 22 years ago… and I’m still wearing it!” – Rhonda, Long Nightgown

“So comfy in the summer. The high quality and workmanship harks back to the 1960s” – Elaine, Short Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

“I’m sure I’ve laundered one gown a hundred times and there has never been a seam rip or any other damage. The neckline roses always look fresh. My gowns simply never wear out, so the only reason I buy a new one is because I want a different color.” – Aneeta, Short Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

“Perfect for hot nights being made out of a lovely lightweight, silky material. I’ve tried other brands and nothing else quite compares.” – Sarah, Long Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

“Exceptional quality and last, last, last. Can’t find a better product anywhere!” – Jean, Long Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

Shadowline® Short Sleeve Button Down Pajama Set (shade Purple)

View the full Petals collection to read many more customer reviews, plus see all of the currently-available styles and colors. Here’s to another 40+ years of this fabulous nylon sleepwear collection!