Dixie Belle® Scallop Trim Full Panty

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Sometimes you just can’t improve on a classic. Since 1946, Dixie Belle® Scallop Trim Full Brief has been the brand’s best-seller.

Our loyal customers appreciate a traditional brief so we are offering a new opportunity! Full coverage Dixie Belle is a classic that sits right at the waist. A flattering fit in a variety of colors. Full coverage coupled with smooth, breathable fabric that your skin will love. Plus, a wider-than-typical gusset provides extra coverage and comfort. This traditional women’s underwear is enhanced with decorative scallop stitching. Available in an extended size range from sizes 5-15.

It’s the quality you know at a price you’ll love. Experience the classic comfort you’ve come to expect from Dixie Belle.

  • Full coverage brief
  • Sits at the natural waistline
  • 100% USA nylon tricot
  • Decorative scallop stitching
  • Cotton gusset lined crotch
  • Designed in the USA
  • 3-pack of underwear

Product Care: Machine wash warm with like colors. No bleach. Tumble dry low.

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  1. Jill (verified owner)

    Height: : 5'2"

    Age: : 80

    For my 80 year old mother. She loves them!

    • Richard (verified owner)

      Height: : 5ft 6in

      Age: : 62

      Best panties ever!

      • Anonymous (verified owner)

        Height: :

        Age: :

        They are my grandmas favorite panties

        • Dorothy D. (verified owner)

          Height: : 5' 1"

          Age: : 75

          I have been wearing these panties for so long, I cannot remember wearing any thing else. Love them.

          • Julia (verified owner)

            Height: : 5'5"

            Age: : 75

            Absolutely the best underpants for the money. Actually, they’re indestructible. Been wearing them for about 20 years,

            • Lois (verified owner)

              Height: : 5' 8"

              Age: : 69

              Oh how I love Dixie Belle. The fit is great. Don’t ride up and last a long time. Holds the color well and last for years. Thanks Dixie Belle!

              • Anonymous (verified owner)

                Height: :

                Age: : 64

                Love them

                • Connie (verified owner)

                  Height: : 5 foot 3 inches

                  Age: : 78

                  I used to wear these everyday. The store that sold them stopped selling them. I was thrilled when I found out that SHADOWLINE was selling them. They are the strongest and most comfortable panties that you will find anywhere. Thank you SHADOWLINE and I pray that you will never stop selling them.

                  • Melissa (verified owner)

                    Height: : 5'2

                    Age: : 55

                    Love them.

                    • Anonymous (verified owner)

                      Height: :

                      Age: :

                      Good fit

                      • Martha (verified owner)

                        Height: : 5’6”

                        Age: : 64

                        These are the best panties I’ve ever worn… full coverage with no ride up. Hope you keep making these

                        • Francis C. (verified owner)

                          Height: :

                          Age: :

                          Great fit good price

                          • Mary W (verified owner)

                            Height: : 5’5

                            Age: : 66

                            Love love these panties. They fit better than any I have bought.

                            • Bev (verified owner)

                              Height: :

                              Age: : 72

                              Love this product, so glad they are still available

                              • Carol (verified owner)

                                Height: :

                                Age: : 93

                                i loved the quality

                                • Lace (verified owner)

                                  Height: : 5'6"

                                  Age: : Middle aged woman

                                  I thought I would try these and wasn’t disappointed. They are on the smaller side of fit and the material is more like the cheaper panties. Not really for me but they are made well. The only plus is they do support your bum. Makes some pants round out better.

                                  • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                    Height: :

                                    Age: :

                                    Ever since I have found Dixie Belle 7 years ago I don’t think I would be happy with any other brand. The store where I purchased my first pairs went out of business and I panicked. But I used my resources and found the brand on line and I was totally ecstatic that I no longer had to rely on a retailer. The fit, the way they feel and the results after each wash and dry is perfect.

                                    • Linda (verified owner)

                                      Height: : 5'8"

                                      Age: : 73

                                      I have worn Dixie Belle underware for years and just love them. So glad they are back.

                                      • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                        Height: : 5.6

                                        Age: : 60


                                        • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                          Height: : 5'5"

                                          Age: : 64

                                          Dixie Belle are the most comfortable panties I have ever worn. I’ve been wearing them for over 15 years.

                                          • Connie O. (verified owner)

                                            Height: : 5ft

                                            Age: : 70

                                            I have worn this panty from Dixie Belle for many years. I liked the fact that they were USA made. I thought these were from what I read when I ordered them. Mine say made in Mexico. Only reason I don’t give 5 stars.

                                            • Marybeth G. (verified owner)

                                              Height: : 5'3''

                                              Age: : Old enough.

                                              Great lingerie, been ordering these for years.

                                              • Roseanna (verified owner)

                                                Height: : 5" tall

                                                Age: : 71 years old

                                                I purchased the Dixie Belle scalloped panties. Couldn’t find my size in the stores anywhere in Tampa FL. I am 71 years old and will continue using this companies products. Thanks.

                                                • Chantal (verified owner)

                                                  Height: : 5'8

                                                  Age: : 65+

                                                  Delighted to find Shadowline once more. Quality in lingerie can vary greatly. Happily, Dixie Belle panties are as expected. Congratulations on maintaining a high standard of quality in all you do.

                                                  • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                    Height: : 5’71/2”

                                                    Age: : 71

                                                    Very Comfortable

                                                    • ANNETTE

                                                      I have been wearing Dixie Belle for the last 35 years. I have tried many. 1232 my choice for the last 20 years. Been wearing Shadowline sleep wear for 30 years.

                                                      • Height: 5'2''
                                                      • Age: 70
                                                    • MELISSA A C. (verified owner)

                                                      Height: : 5’7

                                                      Age: : 60

                                                      I started wearing these in the late 90’s when you could get them for $2 a pair at dollar general. I’ve been wearing them ever since and have no plans to switch to anything else. Thank you for still making them available.

                                                      • Patty T. (verified owner)

                                                        Height: : 5'6"

                                                        Age: : 68

                                                        I’m 68 years old and Dixie Belle has been my choice for at least 35 years. I have never found better quality and long lasting than Dixie Belle.

                                                        • Kelly M. (verified owner)

                                                          Height: :

                                                          Age: :

                                                          Ordered these for my mother who has a hard time finding these panties. They were exactly what she needed. In fact, she has asked me to order more of them for her.

                                                          • Kyme (verified owner)

                                                            Height: :

                                                            Age: :

                                                            Very happy. Not exactly what I got last time but really close

                                                            • Martha (verified owner)

                                                              Height: : 5’5”

                                                              Age: : 77

                                                              Was so glad to find these

                                                              • Rebecca (verified owner)

                                                                Height: : 5 feet 5 inches

                                                                Age: : 73

                                                                Love the pants. Very nice fit and fabric very nice.

                                                                • Joyce. (verified owner)

                                                                  Height: : 5'6"

                                                                  Age: : 74

                                                                  Love Dixie Belle panties. I am so pleased to know that you carry them I am ordering more now.

                                                                  • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                                    Height: :

                                                                    Age: :

                                                                    These were for my 93 year old aunt, she didn’t think she would be able to buy her favorites anymore

                                                                    • Brenda (verified owner)

                                                                      I too am pleased Shadowline is selling Dixie Belle panties. I just ordered 3 pair and would like to order more but my size is unavailable. Is it possible for you to email me when size 7 becomes available?

                                                                      • Height: 5’4
                                                                      • Age: 75
                                                                    • Jamie

                                                                      Dixie belle and shadowline make the perfect panties by far,so comfy,I wear them day and night

                                                                      • Height: 5’10
                                                                      • Age: 60
                                                                    • Lynn (verified owner)

                                                                      Height: : 5'3"

                                                                      Age: : 60

                                                                      I grew up wearing Dixie Belle Scallop Trim Full Panty(s) as a child. I still wear them today at 60 years old. It has been hard to find this product. I started a search and found these online. Very happy I found these. I will be ordering again.

                                                                      • Gigi M. (verified owner)

                                                                        Height: : 5'6"

                                                                        Age: : 63

                                                                        My Mother loves these. She is 81yrs young and will not wear anything but these panties. I even got her to wear pink !

                                                                        • Janet Corley (verified owner)

                                                                          Height: : 5:9

                                                                          Age: : 68

                                                                          Just like Dixie bell. Good quality

                                                                          • Terry

                                                                            I have been wearing Dixie Belle nylon panties for over 20 years. Thanks for picking up the Dixie belle line of lingerie. As a male I enjoy the fabic and the larger gusset. I look forward buying more panties.

                                                                            • Height: 5 8
                                                                            • Age: 69
                                                                          • Terry

                                                                            I have been wearing the Dixie belle nylon panties for over 20 years. As a male the fit is fantastic. Thank you for picking up the Dixie belle brand of panties.

                                                                            • Height: 5' 8"
                                                                            • Age: 69
                                                                          • Terry

                                                                            I love the old fashion nylon granny panties. Thanks

                                                                            • Height: 5 o
                                                                            • Age: 69
                                                                          • emv0816

                                                                            Dixie Belle style 1232 was my all time favorite panty. beautiful and comfortable!! The 719 is nice too, same wonderful nylon as the 1232 but without that gorgeous lace. Oh Well! maybe someday they will reappear. In the mean time I have several pairs from that time and will make do. Shadowline has always been my other go to for slips and panties. I even have some vintage Shadowline full slips that I treasure!!

                                                                            • Height: 5'9"
                                                                            • Age: 71
                                                                          • Getting desperate

                                                                            Please, Please keep this panty in stock! Since Dixie Belle has been closed, I have been looking for a replacement, but the modern version of a full cut brief is cut too low, does not fit my figure, and tends to slide down due to where the “waist” hits me. It’s hard enough to find large sizes that are not cotton which tends to shrink vertically. These are comfortable, wash well, and most of all, fit me! I need the length. I’m just hoping my supply will last until you get them in stock!

                                                                            • Height: 5'8"
                                                                            • Age: 64
                                                                          • Phyllis (verified owner)

                                                                            My mom and I have been wearing Dixie Bell 719 for many years, absolutely no other panty can compare to the fit and comfort like these. Thank you Shadowline for continuing them.

                                                                            • Height: 5'7
                                                                            • Age: 57
                                                                          • Carol

                                                                            I have been wearing Dixie Belle since 1986 when I got pregnant and these were the best panties for that full figure
                                                                            Even after that I continued to wear them because I just got used to how comfortable they are. The first time I bought them was actually at Walmart, and they discontinued selling them. I eventually found them at Dollar General Stores, of all places, but they too discontinued selling them. So, the last place I was able to find them was at Fred’s. They’re kind of like the Dollar General stores. Eventually that line of stores closed. They’re were 3 stores within an hour from me that I could get them. When I found out they were going out of business I went to all 3 stores to stock up on them. Unfortunately I was only able to find 5 pairs in my size. I guess other people had the same idea as I did. So, I’m waiting anxiously until these are back in stock!

                                                                            • Height: 5'3"
                                                                            • Age: 62
                                                                          • Barbara Gray (store manager)

                                                                            Hi Wayne,

                                                                            Dixie Belle panties are not gone! Just currently out of stock due to overwhelming demand! Check back in July to order.

                                                                            • Ken

                                                                              I have been wearing Dixie Belle 719 and 1232 for many years. I love the fit and the fabric of the panties. Wonderful product.

                                                                              • Height: 6’2”
                                                                              • Age: 72
                                                                            • Mike

                                                                              Dixie Belle panties use to be available in a Dollar store in packets of two pairs. They suddenly disappeared. It’s great that this wonderful brief will still be very much available and possibly in a stronger way having been taken over by Shadowline.

                                                                              • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
                                                                              • Age: 77
                                                                            • Ginger

                                                                              I have been wearing Dixie Belle panties since the early 90’s. I love them! I order 7-10 pairs every time I order but I have had a really hard time finding them since the company I was getting them from has closed their shop. So happy to find Shadowline! It is now April but it’s not over yet, so I hope I will be able to buy some very soon!

                                                                              • Height: 5'6"
                                                                              • Age: 69
                                                                            • Liz (verified owner)

                                                                              Please please keep this line of panties…they are the absolute best I’ve found..

                                                                              • Height: 5'6"
                                                                              • Age: 67
                                                                            • Mike

                                                                              Dixie Belle has been a source for modestly priced quality panties for as long as I remember. I hope they continue under the Shadowline ownership. Shadowline is second to none in quality.

                                                                              • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
                                                                              • Age: 77
                                                                            • wayne

                                                                              I love Dixie Belle panties. I like the pastel colors. So sorry to hear they are gone.

                                                                              • Height: 5'9"
                                                                              • Age: 67
                                                                            • culady2817

                                                                              I have been wearing Dixie Belles for many years. I was very upset that they closed. I sure hope this co continues with boy legs with double seat, they fit perfectly.

                                                                              • Height: 5' 6"
                                                                              • Age: 83
                                                                            • Barbara Tolbert

                                                                              I have been wearing Dixie Belle panties in black for many many years. I hope they continue to have the color in black!

                                                                              • Height: 5’6”
                                                                              • Age: 71
                                                                            • Callie

                                                                              I’m 60 years old and have been wearing Dixie Belle since my 20’s. I can’t wear any other panty and it fit as well. I’m hoping this pandemic didn’t close this brand.

                                                                              • Height: 5’2”
                                                                              • Age: 60
                                                                            • fancycolors

                                                                              These panties are wonderful and wash over and over again with complete success. I have been purchasing them for years and am so happy that I found this new site to buy them!

                                                                              • Height: 5'6"
                                                                              • Age: 71
                                                                            • Mary Lou Anderson

                                                                              I have bought Dixie Belle panties for about 10yrs. Very satisfied & keep returning.

                                                                              • Height: 5’3”
                                                                              • Age: 79

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