Cherish Collection

Shadowline® Short Cap Sleeve Nightgown

Cherish: misses and plus size nighties in colorful nylon

Find your perfect sleeveless or short sleeve nightgown with our chic Cherish collection! This popular Shadowline® sleepwear range offers a dreamy blend of comfort and style, and is available in a variety of fun fashion colors you’ll love to wear.

What makes these nylon nightdresses special? Firstly, the fabric. They’re made from our signature Opacitrique® tricot which is a US-made, 100% nylon fabric known for its superior opacity compared to standard nylon nightwear (especially in the darker colors). It also creates highly breathable sleepwear that’s easy to launder and which stays in excellent condition for a long, long time.

You’ll also love these comfy nylon nighties for their flattering drape and stylish details, from the pretty shoulders of the cap sleeve nightgown designs to the beautiful Venise lace medallion that adorns the neckline of every piece. And if you want a matching robe, you’re in luck – our Petals collection offers a variety of options, all made from the exact same Opacitrique® fabric.

With Cherish, you’ve got the choice between a knee length nightdress and a more modest ankle length nightdress, with the shorter length also coming in a sleeveless nightgown version. Looking for plus size nightdresses? Like most Shadowline® nightwear, all of these styles are available up to a 3XL – check out our size guide if you need some helping selecting a size.

Treat yourself to a Cherish nightdress with lace detailing today, and discover a new sleepwear favorite you’ll cherish for years to come!