Satin Essentials: lingerie slips in luxuriously bias-cut satin

Whether you’re looking for some luxe satin sleepwear or you want to find a stylish satin underslip to wear during the day, you’ll love the versatile Shadowline® Satin Essentials collection.

What sets this satin slip collection apart from lower-quality products? We’ve sourced a beautiful, lingerie-grade charmeuse which looks and feels like real silk, for the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Plus, we’ve cut it on the bias to give these lingerie slips a truly premium, silk-like drape.

Bias cut satin is cut diagonally across the grain during the manufacturing process, instead of straight along it. It’s a luxury technique which uses up more fabric (hence it isn’t used by low-end brands) but which gives even non-stretch fabrics some flexibility, for a more accommodating and fluid fit. Your Shadowline® satin slip skirt or V-neck satin camisole will skim beautifully and comfortably across your body, while also reflecting the light in a very elegant way.

Not only can these pieces be worn as both slinky satin nightwear and as under-clothing lingerie slips, but we’ve made two of them extra versatile through a reversible design: both the V-neck satin chemise with wide straps and the V-neck reversible camisole can be flipped around for a scoop neckline instead.

Why wear our satin daywear under your clothing? It’s the perfect way to add an extra layer of insulation in the fall and winter, or line a slightly too sheer outfit in spring and summer. These pieces will help to keep your outer clothes cleaner for longer, too! Try wearing our satin underdress or satin underskirt with your favorite skirts and dresses, and our satin vest below your knitwear.

Once you’ve treated yourself to a satin lingerie slip you won’t know how you ever lived without it – as it says in the collection name, it’s absolutely a wardrobe essential!