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Our History

Hi Everyone,

My name is Alan Rifkin and my grandparents started Velrose Lingerie in 1914 in Philadelphia. My grandmother Rose would sew on a foot-treadle machine while raising 6 children (my dad being one of them) and my grandfather William would cut the fabric at night and sell by day. They only made one style.

After World War II my father and uncles joined my grandfather in the family business and things went well. They specialized in daywear including strap slips, camisoles, half slips and panties. Then in 1970 after graduating from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science,  I too joined and began to learn the business, eventually introduced sleepwear to the line, and later became president in 1996. We’re still a privately owned company, as Shadowline was also.

And now it’s 2019…105 years after William and Rose began. If the first generation starts the business, and the second generation grows the business, then the third generation gets to have their dream come true and buys Shadowline. I bought Shadowline for the same reason you buy Shadowline. It’s the best.

Alan Rifkin

Best Wishes to All Our Customers…Old and New,

Alan Rifkin