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Women’s Half and Full Slips

Whether you prefer half or full slip or lingerie slips – the kind that isn’t necessarily meant to be hidden from sight – you’ll find something that’s just right for you while browsing through our wide half and full slip selection. At Shadowline, we love slips! And we know what it takes to make these garments stylish and supportive. While women’s slips are typically meant to be worn beneath a dress or skirt, there’s still something to be said for choosing one that’s finely crafted, silky smooth, and designed to provide total comfort.

Why Shadowline’s Slip Dresses Are So Special

Many of our satisfied customers wholeheartedly believe that Shadowline sleepwear and undergarments are something special. This is also true of our regular and plus size lace and satin slips. When you think of high-quality products in line with what matters most to today’s modern, fashion-forward woman, the first thing that comes to mind may not be a full or half-slip or pettiskirt.

Yet many of these items are still so appealing to women of all ages and generations because of their fine quality. It’s evident that attention has been paid to every detail of each slip that has the Shadowline name attached to it.

Many Shadowline lovers get attached to our loungewear, sleepwear, gowns, and, yes, our “slipwear” too! This is because we keep our focus on production quality. You’ll also appreciate the fact that our slipwear is available in many different sizes and shapes.

Satin & Lace Slips for Every Woman

Today, full, half, regular, and plus size slips from Shadowline can serve many different purposes. Available in fabrics that include silk, rayon, cotton, nylon, satin, and unique blends, these versatile garments can provide protection from “rough” clothing, or they can minimize wrinkles by allowing clothing to lay flat. Some women prefer to use undergarments of this nature to create opacity under sheer clothing.

At Shadowline, we know that our customers have different preferences when it comes to styles, which is why we offer slipwear that’s highly diverse. Some of our slip-related products, like are primarily meant for practical or functional purposes like enhancing body shape or eliminating issues with clingy clothing.

However, products that include our lingerie slips or something like the Shadowline Vintage Lace Trim Chemise are designed to offer added style and even a splash of pizzazz. This is exactly what you’ll find with the selections in our Princess Collection or Lace Luxury Collection.

Plus Size Slips and More

Full-slips have a long and rich history. They were basically the precursor to loungewear. Today, it’s not so easy to find full-slips – unless you make Shadowline your preferred choice for this type undergarment. What’s great about full-slips is the way they exude glamour and elegance. Full-slips from Shadowline come in varying lengths, ranging from mini to long formal.

The half slip is essentially a petticoat that hangs from the waist. Half-slips were eventually paired with camisoles. In fact, we still group women’s slips with camisoles since many women appreciate the various options with clothing silhouettes. Now, if you prefer more traditional pettipants or equally comfortable culottes, pant liners and slip shorts, we have a section devoted to these items.

A pettiskirt is a petticoat that’s meant to be worn as a skirt. It can create a look that’s similar to a tutu. A skirt slip extends to a fashionable skirt length. The skirt slip has become increasingly fashionable again in recent years, with some leading fashion magazines linking the trend to the “slipdress comeback.”

Your One-Stop Source for Women’s Half & Full Slips

Some naysayers might say that slips for dresses aren’t worn as much anymore by today’s modern women. However, we firmly believe that slips for dresses are a stylish symbol of femininity that has never gone out of style. In fact, a full slip from Shadowline can be a perfect complement to the right dress. Browse through our selections and you’ll easily find a full slip that enhances the look of your dress.

Enhance Your Wardrobe with Other Shadowline Essentials

If you absolutely love our women’s slips, you’ll be just as happy with our nightgowns and other women’s sleepwear selection. For instance, our lingerie slips can be beautifully paired with robes from our Twilight Collection.

We also have comfy pajama sets and sleepshirts available for your consideration. Regardless of what Shadowline selections you end up choosing, we think you’ll be pleased with your purchase!