Shadowline® Long Nightgown

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Shadowline® has many long nightgowns, this one in particular has long sleeves, a sweeping bodice, and enhanced neckline adorned with lovely stitched flowers. This night gown is crafted with a delightful matte fabric is light enough to wear comfortably under a robe. Try pairing it with the long button-down robe from the Petals collection.

• Long-sleeve nightgown with embroidered flower petal design along scalloped neckline
• Our signature Petals embroidered yoke
• USA Fabric – 100% Opacitrique® Nylon Tricot
• 53″ length

Product Care: Machine wash warm with like colors. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Height: : 5'6

    Age: : 78 yrs

    I love this nightgown. I now have 5 of the same style in different colors. Wearing nylon is very comfortable for me. I can move around easily while in bed as the fabric “slides” on the sheets rather than “cling” to the sheets. Also, It is very difficult to find a nylon gown that has long sleeves and floor length. Also, it is made of quality fabric and it is not see-through. The only draw back is that the long sleeve in not long enough for me. Two inches longer would be great.

  2. Patsy B. (verified owner)

    usNew York, United States

    Height: : 5’ 7”

    Age: : 75

    Love these gowns—the only ones I wear. The fabric feels luxurious and they maintain their beauty for years.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    Height: : 6’

    Age: : 75

    These nightgowns are great for spring and fall, and I love the new colors!

  4. Janine M. (verified owner)

    usWisconsin, United States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 71

    I love the long sleeves during the colder season

  5. Lyndria S. (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

    Height: : 5"/4inc

    Age: : 50

    I’m wearing it now and it’s so comfortable and warm

  6. Norma (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

    Height: : 5’3”

    Age: : 78

    Lovely quality product but I’m going to have to pay to have them hemmed—a trip hazard until hemmed, which makes them too expensive.

  7. John G. (verified owner)

    usIllinois, United States

    Height: : Just the right length for 5' 7"

    Age: : Keeps my 77 year-old wife looking comfortable and vibrant!

    Soft and luxurious with just the right length and fit.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'2"

    Age: : 73

    I have always loved Shadowline nightgown. They are comfortable to sleep in and they are easy to turn over in bed. They last a really long time and are a quality product! It is the only nightgown I have slept in for over, probably, 40 years!

  9. Marilyn F. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 72

    Wanted the same lovely fit and feel with long sleeves for this winter.

  10. Pam Pendleton (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 80

    I love these gowns. They are the only thing I will sleep in and I have several of them in multiple colors.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMissouri, United States

    Height: : 5'2"

    Age: : 76

    I’ve been wearing these gowns for many years, and have them in multiple colors. They are pretty, yet, comfortable. I especially like that they move with me when I roll over in bed, instead of clinging to the bed linens. Makes for a better night’s sleep.

  12. Judith Fowler (verified owner)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 74

    Perfect fit, color is beautiful and I love it.

  13. Bobbi

    Have been wearing your nightgowns since 1979 and still have a couple from then. They haven’t lost color and I love them. Am sad you discontinued the elbow length sleeve though. When you get older the upper arm becomes less attractive and now I can’t buy the longer elbow sleeve. I agree the nightgowns don’t tend to get bunched up in the covers and I love they aren’t see through. I haven’t bought any other brand since buying Shadowline. Please bring back the elbow length sleeve.

  14. Karen Tusa (verified owner)

    usLouisiana, United States


  15. Gene Ingram (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    This was bought for some one who has worn these gowns for years and who doesn’t want any thing but these how ever she bought a lined one for cold weather about 20 years ago we would love to see these back on the market again 😊

  16. lesley (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’ 2”

    Age: : 48

    Love how beautiful this is I. Purple. Silky and flowy

  17. Peggy T. (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 72

    I love my new nightgown! The color is beautiful. The gown fits me perfectly.

  18. Jeff (verified owner)

    usUtah, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 62

    My wife loves it. Outstanding look and material.

  19. John Gusswein (verified owner)

    usIllinois, United States

    Height: : 5'7"

    Age: : 76

    Love the style, variety of colors, and long gown length. I only wish they could be offered in cuddly flannel for the winters.

  20. Sophia Martin (verified owner)

    usVirginia, United States

    As usual, Shadowline does not disappoint.

  21. Linda Thompson (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Love the gown except for the tag at the neck… very uncomfortable.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’7”

    Age: : 67

    I’ve been wearing these for years and they are comfortable, stylish and last forever!

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Love the product and its quality!

  24. Loy (verified owner)

    usArizona, United States

    My mom loves the long sleeve, nylon gowns. Since they are a little long for her she trims them off and they never need hemming…the fabric doesn’t run. She loves the thicker fabric as it is thin enough to be comfortable but not too hot and it isn’t transparent. We have ordered 10 gowns for her. The rose embroidered top part is not scratchy and it adds a pretty touch.

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    Height: : 6’1”

    Age: : 73

    Very comfortable and stylish. Love the material.

  26. Joanne F. (verified owner)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’ 4”

    Age: : 88

    Love these night gowns. So light but warm. Worn for many years. Very roomy.

  27. Sharon Mizialko (verified owner)

    usIllinois, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 77

    Very pretty color and design

  28. Judy (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'7"

    Age: : Over 80

    The fit is perfect, and I love the gown; however, I was a bit disappointed that the fabric wasn’t as soft as the one I bought many years ago. Is that softer (more like a knit on the inside) type of fabric no longer available?

    • Reply from Shadowline® (store manager)

      Hi Judy, it sounds like you’re probably thinking of our old Cuddlemere fabric which was used for some of our winter gowns many years ago. Unfortunately, we haven’t used it for around 25 years now! This particular gown however has always been made from our Opacitrique® fabric, which we still produce today in the same factory and on the very same machines as when it was first developed in the 1960s. It will get softer over time, with repeated washing.

  29. Kayfrances (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 24

    Good for lounging around the house. True to size.

  30. Tracy

    Love these nightgowns, been wearing for 7 years and my mother forever, the most comfortable nightie’s we’ve ever had.
    BUT WHY would you stop making them in BLACK. BLACK is so elegant don’t like the coloured ones so not sure what we are going to do now.

  31. Joyce A. (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    I love my long sleeved Shadowline gown for winter months. It is so roomy and fabulous fabric allows me to move around without sticking to the bedsheets. I love it.

  32. Debby (verified owner)

    caBritish Columbia, Canada

    Product is as advertised. A nice slippery fabric that doesn’t get twisted when you sleep.

  33. Janine (verified owner)

    usWisconsin, United States

    Height: : 5' 8"

    Age: : Almost 70

    I love these nightgowns. The material is quality and they are beautiful to wear.

  34. Faye Carkener (verified owner)

    Height: : 5'6"

    Age: : 71

    The night gowns are so comfortable and easy to care for.

  35. Susan R. (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Height: : 5'7"

    Age: : Retired

    I have been wearing these nightgowns for several years. My mom has been wearing them forever. She urged me to try them. I buy the sleeveless for summer and the short sleeved throughout the rest of the year. From about December through February, I wear the long-sleeved ones.
    They don’t get twisted up and are very comfortable. My sister-in-law now wears them.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usOklahoma, United States

    Was a gift. My aunt loved it

  37. Jessica (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'6

    Age: : 35

    It is comfortable to sleep in, albeit a little cool. It is slightly see-through, so I have to wear a robe over it around the kids.

  38. Mark T.

    auWestern Australia, Australia

    Height: : 168

    Age: : 50

    Very Beautiful

  39. Mary (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Very comfortable.

  40. Pamela B. (verified owner)

    usMontana, United States

    Height: : 5'6"

    Age: : 63

    I have worn Shadowline nightgowns for several years now and I will never order from anywhere else. They are by far the best quality sleepwear I have ever found.

  41. Nancy (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 72

    I purchased this gown for my sister as a gift. It fit her beautifully and she loves it. The quality of the gown is really excellent and you can tell by the feel it will last for many years.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Height: : 5'2"

    Too big

    • Reply from Shadowline® (store manager)

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear that your order wasn’t a perfect fit. Take a look at our measurements guide and sizing tips if you need some help finding your ideal Shadowline® size:

  43. Barbara L

    usOhio, United States

    Height: : sized too small

    Age: : sized too small

    sized too small

    • Reply from Shadowline® (store manager)

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear that your order wasn’t a perfect fit. Take a look at our measurements guide and sizing tips if you need some help finding your ideal Shadowline® size:

  44. Gotthard

    This Womens Long Soft Robe is very warm and comfortable. The long bathrobe looks luxurious and soft to the touch. Suitable for many occasions, versatile. You can use it as a nightgown and can be used as a home wear. Of course, this bathrobe is also great after enjoying the spa. Therefore, long dressing gowns are the best choice for your daily life and gifts for relatives and friends.

  45. TERRI

    I too think these gowns are wonderful! My only complaint is that on the black gown, the red roses are so gaudy! All of the other gowns have delicate flowers, close in color. I even tried to DYE those roses and the dye didn’t make a dent . Please make an all black gown, maybe with delicate silver design or white, NOT huge red roses. Thanks!

    • Barbara Gray (store manager)

      Hi Terri,

      Thanks for writing us! We have multiple color options in the Petals collection with tone on tone embroidery and contrast embroidery. Our design team works hard to provide beautiful selections! The Beloved Collection features a black option with the same Opacitrique® fabric as Petals with elegant Venise embroidery in solid black
      Hope this is an option that works for you!

  46. kfrances

    These gowns are amazing!! They are so very comfortable for sleeping or lounging. I love them so much I give these as wedding, birthday, or any special day of the year as gifts. Of course I’m well supplied also.
    I still wear one that I bought over thirty-five years ago. That was my first one, of course its about to look worn out. These gowns are so well made and the fabric is outstanding! My family and friends look forward to a Shadowline gift from me. I have them spoiled!! Thank you Velrose and Shadowline for keeping such an outstanding product on the market!

  47. Rhonda Bush (verified owner)

    I wore one of my Shadowline gowns in the hospital after my son was born 22 years ago..and I’m still wearing it!!! Love these gowns!!!!

  48. foxylibrarian111 (verified owner)

    Love this nightgown. Comfortable and cozy. I am 220 lbs. And the 2X fit perfectly. Washes well. I love the navy. Heavy enough to no be see-through but light enough to be comfortable. Great investment. I will be purchasing more.

  49. Carlis Davidson (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my mother and she loved it. They are beautiful!!!

  50. MsG (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the turquoise long Petals nightgown and I am so pleased. It coordinates nicely with my teal robe which I purchased a couple of years ago as a set with a matching nightgown. It washes beautifully, and I look forward to years of wear. Perfect for spring nights. The cut is flowing, so the fit is very comfortable but graceful.

  51. Doris Jo Varnell (verified owner)

    Been wearing Shadowline gowns and robes for over 50 years. Very pleased with your product and service. Same excellent quality! I love Shadowline lingerie!

  52. Ruth Brady

    Well it is finally time to retire my long sleeve gowns purchased over 30 years ago. I have flat out worn them out. They are my comfy winter gowns. The fabric is still good. It is the sleeve lace that has finally retired itself.
    I am looking forward to another 30 years with two new long sleeve gowns. Great “wear like iron” fabric!

  53. CH (verified owner)

    Perfect weight, comfortable, travels well!

  54. Peggy Dewey

    I have worn these nightgowns for years. I have the pajamas, short nightgowns, long nightgowns and the robes. I love the quality of the material and workmanship. They are so comfortable to sleep in. I don’t wear any other nightgowns but Shadowline!

  55. Margaret Ann Parenti (verified owner)

    I have loved Shadowline lingerie since working part time at a department store after school in 1964… even had a salesman that called on us bring me a pair of panties, bra and slip… ALL IN BLACK ! Can you imagine that happening now… So Shadowline has been a favorite of mine for many years… graduation gifts, wedding showers as well as my own lingerie choice. I’m so thrilled that you are online. As all of the others have said… no color loss, no shrinkage and no wrinkles. Thank you for your continued service !!!

  56. Chartonczyk

    My favorite nightgowns and robes! So soft on my skin, never wrinkle, perfect for travel. Wear and wash true to shape and color-never “bleed color” either! I’m getting one of each. Wish the long gowns came in 46” petites. Manybe soon. Christina

  57. MG

    I love the Petals long-sleeve long nightgowns and robes. For those who cannot tolerate polyester, these nylon gowns are a wonderful option. The nylon fabric is a little heavier than department store nylon gowns, so no show-through issues. These nightgowns are perfect for cooler weather in fall and spring. This is a full-length gown, but the fabric slides easily without tangling while in bed. The matching robe is beautiful, and when worn together the set is comfortable for lounging in the evening without getting too hot. These gowns and robes hold up for years.

  58. Lynne

    I have been a Shadowline customer for many years and own several of these Petals style gowns. The long sleeves make them my go-to gowns for the winter months. The Opacitrique tricot nylon is the very best. Comfortable, pretty and durable. Shadowline is the only nightgown brand I buy. They are absolutely worth the cost.

  59. brieflover

    love, love these gowns. silky soft and luxurious sleep. wash and dry without fading. don’t forget the matching robe.

  60. Gail P.

    Lightweight, long sleeve, long nightgowns are becoming hard to find, and these in the Petals collection are just what I was looking for. I own several of them. They wash and dry well. They travel well. They are generously sized which makes them very comfortable to wear.

  61. Leslie E Brady

    I’ve worn these nightgowns for years & they’re the best ever. So comfortable and the color stays true even after years of wear and washings. Excellent fit, the fabric is soft and fluid. Beautifully made and I feel so pretty in them!

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