Shadowline® Long Lace Bodice Nightgown

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Shadowline’s® long women’s sleeping gown is comprised of a soft stretch lace bodice and spandex back bodice to create a feminine and comfortable fit. The sexy, form-fitting lace bodice complements the flowy and gathered long skirt. To truly wrap yourself up in luxury, add our coordinating Silhouette robe (or snag the peignoir set which is offered at a 10% discount!) and complete the look with our matching lace insert panty, hipster panty or high waist panty.

• Sleeveless stretch lace bodice with scalloped v-neck and flowing nylon skirt
• Delicate satin bow and pearl accents at the center front
• USA Fabric – 100% Satintrique® Nylon Tricot
• 53″ length

Product Care: Machine wash warm with like colors. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Height: : 5’9”

    Age: : 65

    I love this nightgown. It is of great quality, and comfort.

    • Anonymous (verified owner)

      usIllinois, United States

      Height: : 5'3"

      Age: : older

      I love the Long LB Nightgown for lounging. It is very comfortable but I use the matching Peignoir for obvious reasons.

      • Dan (verified owner)

        usCalifornia, United States

        Height: : 5'2"

        Age: : 69

        Absolutely the best gown my wife has ever had. She ordered a number of these styles over the years and wants to order more. They are comfortable, and I must say, very flattering!

        • Anonymous (verified owner)

          usTexas, United States

          Height: : 5'7"

          Age: : 65

          Love the fit, the feel and especially the color – blue!

          • Lyndria S. (verified owner)

            usGeorgia, United States

            Height: : 5"/4 inc

            Age: : 50

            So beautiful and soft

            • Verified Buyer (verified owner)

              usUnited States

              Height: : 5'6"

              Age: : 43

              Love this nightgown. Light, comfortable and easy to sleep in. Sizing is very generous, and the lace is stretchy and not itchy at all.

              • LaDonna Qualtieri (verified owner)

                usOregon, United States

                Height: : 5’5”

                Age: : 62

                The fit is great and it feels comfortable after wearing all night. My size is between L and XL. I bought the XL and it is still snug enough in all the right places. My under bust is 35” and hips 47”. I bought the matching robe so I can wear this in any season.

                • Jackie R. (verified owner)

                  usNorth Carolina, United States

                  Height: : 5'10"

                  Age: : n/a

                  Beautiful! Fabric is as described, construction great.

                  • Jeffrey (verified owner)

                    usWyoming, United States

                    Height: : 5ft 2in

                    Age: : 63

                    I bought this for my wife. She loves the way it fits and feels and I do too. Great products. I have 4 if them now.

                    • Becky S. (verified owner)

                      usSouth Carolina, United States

                      Height: : Fits perfectly and doesn't drag the floor.

                      Age: : 72 yrs old and the spark is still there, thanks to SHADOWLINE!!

                      My husband & I have been married 40 yrs and this will definitely put a smile on his face!

                      • Anonymous (verified owner)

                        usNew York, United States

                        Height: : 5.8

                        Age: : 65

                        Beautiful love the style

                        • Patricia (verified owner)

                          usGeorgia, United States

                          Height: : 5’6”

                          Age: : 76

                          Lovely material bodice fits nicely. Large size perfect for 38D

                          • Jan (verified owner)

                            usNew Hampshire, United States

                            Height: : 5’7”

                            Age: : 59

                            Loved the way the gown fits. Stretch lace is very soft and comfortable. Longer than most gowns I’ve had in the past.

                            • Anonymous (verified owner)


                              Height: : 5'8"

                              Age: : 71


                              • Pat Heiss (verified owner)

                                usNorth Carolina, United States

                                Height: : 5' 6"

                                Age: : 84

                                I have worn Shadowline gowns for many years…..I love the look, the feel, and I feel so very feminine and sexy in them at the same time.

                                • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                  usUnited States

                                  Height: : 5'7"

                                  Age: : 65

                                  This nightgown would be flattering to any body type.

                                  • Laura Bushey (verified owner)

                                    usWashington, United States

                                    Height: : 5'4"

                                    Age: : 73

                                    Nice, but the fabric didn’t seem as soft as previously.

                                      • Reply from Shadowline Lingerie (store manager)

                                        Hi Laura, we are still using the same fabrics as always. If you are comparing it to a nightgown you have had for a while, note that it does get softer over time with continued washing. Thanks for being a repeat customer!

                                      • Mary F. (verified owner)

                                        usCalifornia, United States

                                        Height: : 5 ' 6"

                                        Age: : 68

                                        This is exactly what I was looking for for years! Comfortable to sleep in, and makes you feel sexy in a less than perfect body. Order by your top size, skirt is plenty full for larger bottoms!

                                        • Brenda B. (verified owner)

                                          usTennessee, United States

                                          Height: :

                                          Age: :

                                          Fits very nicely.

                                          • Pat G. (verified owner)

                                            usTexas, United States

                                            Height: : 5’5”

                                            Age: : 72

                                            This gown is very comfortable and cool. I will definitely order another one.

                                            • tracy m. (verified owner)

                                              usFlorida, United States

                                              Height: : 5’6”

                                              Age: : 65

                                              I have been wearing Shadowline for years! I love the style it’s pretty and I love how the stretchy lace gives me support. I don’t wear any other brand and never will!

                                              • Cheryl F. (verified owner)

                                                usMichigan, United States

                                                Height: : 5’ 7”

                                                Age: : 64

                                                I found Shadowline last year and purchased two of these nightgowns. I love the gentle support. The nightgowns have worn so well, I decided to get a few more and the matching robe. Definitely recommended.

                                                • Bitty

                                                  Beautiful and comfortable! The fabric transitions well between summer and winter temperatures and is washable. A word of warning: the top of the nightgown is, in fact, solely lace, so the matching robe may be a good idea if you plan to wear it around other people. It also makes me feel like a romance heroine, which is always a selling point in my book!

                                                  • Height: 5'4
                                                  • Age: 27
                                                • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                  caBritish Columbia, Canada

                                                  Height: : 5'2"

                                                  Age: : 70

                                                  It is lovely and just what I expected.

                                                  • Bb

                                                    These are fantastic nightgowns. They are very close to the old Olga gowns I bought many years ago. Very comfortable and sexy.

                                                    • Height: 6
                                                    • Age: 65
                                                  • Gary B. (verified owner)

                                                    Height: : 6’2”

                                                    Age: : 59

                                                    I love the gown and so does my wife! Fits to size! I sleep in it every night! I want another one to alternate. I’ll make another purchase soon!

                                                    • Angela (verified owner)

                                                      usUnited States

                                                      Height: : 5 ft 1 inch

                                                      Age: : 66

                                                      I love this nightgown and matching robe! So beautiful!

                                                      • Margot Patterson (verified owner)

                                                        caAlberta, Canada

                                                        Height: :

                                                        Age: :

                                                        The sizing is correct . The standard of the article very good

                                                        • Corrinn Waldron (verified owner)

                                                          usWashington, United States

                                                          Height: :

                                                          Age: :

                                                          In recent years it has been very difficult to find this beautiful nightgown in stores. I was so thankful to be able to order two of them directly from you. These beautiful gowns are of high-quality and they last forever!

                                                          • David Aarhus (verified owner)

                                                            usWashington, United States

                                                            Height: : 5ft 4

                                                            Age: : 67

                                                            My wife loves your gowns

                                                            • Mary W. (verified owner)

                                                              usUnited States

                                                              Height: : 5ft

                                                              Age: : 69

                                                              Love my gowns ! Always have to have them hemmed!

                                                              • Lisa T. (verified owner)

                                                                usTexas, United States

                                                                Height: : 5’7”

                                                                Age: : 65

                                                                Very flattering. I’m large busted and it provided nice gentle support. My husband loved it!

                                                                • Catherine Kerr (verified owner)

                                                                  caBritish Columbia, Canada

                                                                  Height: : No Comment

                                                                  Age: : 73

                                                                  My favorite nightgown ever.

                                                                  • Stephen (verified owner)

                                                                    usUnited States

                                                                    Height: : 6’

                                                                    Age: : 45

                                                                    These are such wonderful nightgowns that you can never have enough!

                                                                    • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                                      usUnited States

                                                                      Height: : 5.5

                                                                      Age: : 54

                                                                      I love these nightie and gown sets. The fabric is breathable and does not make you sweaty and sticky. They are light weight and don’t get in the way when you are sleeping. They cover you up so you are presentable. They make you feel like a princess.

                                                                      • Denise T (verified owner)

                                                                        I have worn Shadowline Long Lace Bodice gowns for 30 years and was so glad to find this company online to get more. They wear VERY well through repeated washings and are so flattering. Other long gowns bunch up during sleep but the empire waist of the Shadowline gowns prevents this; another reason I buy them. I am 5′ 7″ and almost 170 pounds, so the 3X size fits me perfectly. My only wish is that they came in more colors – emerald green would be nice and it used to come in a deep purple.

                                                                        • Height: 5' 7"
                                                                        • Age: 77
                                                                      • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                                        usVirginia, United States

                                                                        Height: :

                                                                        Age: :

                                                                        Very comfortable. Have worn them for years.

                                                                        • Asma A (verified owner)

                                                                          aeUnited Arab Emirates

                                                                          Height: : perfect

                                                                          Age: : 44

                                                                          soft & elegant

                                                                          • Susan (verified owner)

                                                                            usUnited States

                                                                            Height: : 5 ft 8 in

                                                                            Age: : 64

                                                                            great fit and feel

                                                                            • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                                              usUnited States

                                                                              Height: : 5"2"

                                                                              Age: : Outstanding

                                                                              Great gown for the cold winter nights

                                                                              • Anonymous (verified owner)

                                                                                usCalifornia, United States

                                                                                Height: : 5’7”

                                                                                Age: : 65

                                                                                Love the nightgown. It is very hard to find pretty night wear and I am so glad I found your company. I ordered 3 long nightgowns from your company. They are all a bit different but I love them all. This nightgown is comfortable and a bit semi- sheer. It is still flattering and a bit sexy. For large busted woman this gown is very flattering. Because the gown is a bit sheer try to add the bath robe when children or others are around.

                                                                                • Jacklyn (verified owner)

                                                                                  I’ve been looking for ages for nightgowns just like these ones. They have a lovely shape, feel nice against the skin and (important to me) have substantial straps instead of the usual, flimsy ones we see on most nighties. The colours (red, navy) are as pictured, just perfect. I purchased 2 nighties – one Medium, one Large — and although both fit nicely and look great, find that the Large is just a bit more comfy. I’m 5’7″ and weigh around 150 lb. And Cindy G in Customer Service was super-helpful! Much appreciated!!

                                                                                  • Height: 5'7"
                                                                                  • Age: 64
                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  very nice night gown. fits me very well. and its so comfortable

                                                                                  • Height: 5 ft 6 inches
                                                                                  • Age: 64
                                                                                • Tim

                                                                                  I love these gowns and wear them at home and while sleeping. They are absolutely comfortable and I currently have 4 of the sets in different color. I hope they can get the purple back in stock again.

                                                                                  • Height: 73
                                                                                  • Age: 55
                                                                                • Mary Ellen Stark (verified owner)

                                                                                  I had been looking for a pretty nightgown but everything I saw was clearly for younger women and then I happened upon the Shadowline website. I ordered the long lace bodice nightgown in black and it is perfect! I love how it fits yet it is comfortable. It reminds me of the Olga nightgown I wore years ago. My nightgown came quickly and in perfect condition. I am so pleased I ordered another one in perifrost.

                                                                                  • Height: 5’3”
                                                                                  • Age: 60
                                                                                • Dianne Miller (verified owner)

                                                                                  Love the color, fit, how it makes me feel. Navy Blue.

                                                                                  Ordering another in Red.

                                                                                  • Height: 5'3
                                                                                  • Age: 76
                                                                                • Giggles (verified owner)

                                                                                  Love the color, love the fit waiting for the next one to arrive. Thanks for the fast service.

                                                                                  • Height: 5'3
                                                                                  • Age: 76
                                                                                • Chris / “Christina” (verified owner)

                                                                                  I love wearing these gowns. 30 plus years ago, my late wife bought me my very 1st woman’s nightgown and it Was a beautiful “Olga” lace bodice gown from Macy’s. “Olga” went out of business and I searched and searched for another gown, then my wife found Shadowline and again surprised me with another beautiful gown, it was the long black Silhouette gown… I then bought her one as well and we both loved them. I now have ALL the colors in long and short and I am now planning and looking forward to buying the newest style in the “High Low” gown… These are so nice that I also were them on a dressy night out such as New Years, music and dancing etc. Shadowline is so helpful and I will continue wearing their lingerie and nightgowns. I am also so grateful that my late wife allowing me to wear and liking me in nightgowns… I suggest more guys to try these – you will love them.

                                                                                  • Height: 6'
                                                                                  • Age: 62
                                                                                • sdgdkg320

                                                                                  I have the set in both peri frost and red. I absolutely love the way they fit and how sensual
                                                                                  they feel! I paired them with matching panties just for that added extra…

                                                                                  • Height: 5'11
                                                                                  • Age: 58
                                                                                • JimB

                                                                                  Super comfortable. Love the lace bodice but wish the skirt were more opaque

                                                                                  • Height: 5'9"
                                                                                  • Age: 83
                                                                                • SUZANNEJNELSON (verified owner)

                                                                                  This is a beautiful gown! I love the quality and thickness of the nylon, and the true-fit sizing. The brand I have purchased for years is getting too skimpy on quality and the nylon is thin and too see-through now. I’m sure glad I found your website! I will be back for more in different colors.

                                                                                  • Height: 5'4"
                                                                                  • Age: 70
                                                                                • Ann Marie Viggiano (verified owner)

                                                                                  I bought the gown and robe in ivory for my wedding….growing up I was in awe of the beautiful sets sold in Bambergers and Macy’s and hoped that when my wedding came that I would get a set as gorgeous as those…well, at 67 years old, I am getting married for the first time-and unfortunately, those wedding night sets are no longer sold…until this one. It is GORGEOUS. Perfect fit, romantic sweep and cut low enough to be seductive yet demure. I love it and can’t wait to wear it. I want to get others – and might get the shorter one. It too looks like it will make me soooooo happy!! Thank you Shadowline!! Great products and beautiful styles.

                                                                                  • Height: 4'11"
                                                                                  • Age: 67
                                                                                • Karen Lieder

                                                                                  I ordered 6 of these gowns with the matching robes. They are so beautiful and flattering. The empire waist and flowing bottom is so amazing on your body. Order these because they are beautiful and will last forever. Great quality!!!!

                                                                                  • Height: 5'5
                                                                                  • Age: 60
                                                                                • Sdurst313

                                                                                  So beautiful and yet very comfortable. This is my first time trying Shadowline and I will be buying again in the future. The length is perfect. Being short, I was worried it would drag the floor but it doesn’t. So any short ladies like me, no need to worry about the gown being too long.

                                                                                  • Height: 4'11"
                                                                                  • Age: 31
                                                                                • Rachel Cotham

                                                                                  I wear only Shadowline long lace bodice gowns and have several. Since I was a high schooler in North Carolina, I have had Shadowline lingerie; in fact my peignoir set for my wedding night was by Shadowline, and that was over fifty years ago!

                                                                                  • Height: 5'5"
                                                                                  • Age: 77
                                                                                • Howard

                                                                                  I have been wearing this gown for 20 plus years,they wear very well,I purchased the robes with them,very soft,very sexy,me and my wife love wearing Shadowline evening wear!!!

                                                                                  • spershing (verified owner)

                                                                                    These are the most beautiful, comfortable and flattering nightgowns ever.

                                                                                    • Donna McCanlies (verified owner)

                                                                                      I have worn Shadowline long gown for years and still it is my favorite. I only wish for more colors. Quality, wearability, washability plus I look pretty darn good in it!! Sexy at 70!! Thanks!

                                                                                      • Kathy Vine

                                                                                        I am plus sized and have been wearing these luxurious nightgowns for over 10 years now. I won’t wear anything else. They are comfortable, don’t bunch up when I sleep and feel so feminine. I love them.

                                                                                        • Kathleen (verified owner)

                                                                                          Almost the only nightgown style I like. Superbly comfortable, flows like an evening gown, and gives support up top. Actually wish it came in an extra-small, for even more support.

                                                                                          • Merelina Ponsonby

                                                                                            I have 5 of these nightgowns and I love them. So comfortable. The fabric feels like silk.

                                                                                            • Betsy Hartman

                                                                                              Have always loved these gowns, but please lose the label in the back. It drives me crazy and damages the fabric if you cut it off.

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                                                                                              Using a fabric tape measure, obtain body measurements as follows and compare to the size chart below.

                                                                                              BUST:  Measure around your body at fullest part of bust, keeping tape under arms and fairly level front to back. Larger busted women will have a more accurate reading if bra is worn during measurement.

                                                                                              WAIST:  Measure around your natural waistline holding the tape comfortably loose.

                                                                                              HIPS: Stand with heels together. Measure around hips at fullest part (approx. 9″ below waist).

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                                                                                              Bust (not bra size) 35½ 36½ 38 39½ 42 43 45 47 49 51 53
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                                                                                              Comparable Dress Sizes 8 10 10 12-14 16-18 16-18 20 22 22 24 24


                                                                                              (Measurements are in inches) Small Med Large Extra Sizes
                                                                                              Bust (not bra size) 35½ 36½ 38 39½ 42 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59
                                                                                              Waist 25 26 28 30 32 34½ 36½ 38½ 40½ 42½ 44½ 46.5 48.5 50.5
                                                                                              Hip 35 37 39 41½ 43 45 47 49 51 53 55 57 59 61
                                                                                              Alpha-Sized Garments XS S S M L L XL-1X 2X 2X 3X 3X 4X 4X 5X
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                                                                                              Comparable Dress Sizes 8 10 10 12-14 16-18 16-18 20 22 22 24 24 26 26 28


                                                                                              We have kept the original Dixie Belle panty sizing, which fits a little smaller than Shadowline panties. Once you know your Shadowline panty size (check our size chart at the top of the page if you’re unsure), you can use the comparison chart below to find your equivalent size in Dixie Belle:


                                                                                              Additional sizing tips:

                                                                                              • Bust measurements are more important for full slips, camisoles and garments with loose, flowing bottoms such as nightgowns or sleepshirts.
                                                                                              • Hip measurements are more important for garments with closer fitting bottoms like slips, pajamas and panties.
                                                                                              • If one of your measurements falls in a larger size or you prefer very loose garments, you may be more comfortable in selecting a larger size.
                                                                                              • Shadowline sizes garments for generous comfort. If you prefer your clothing form fitting, you may want to order a smaller size.
                                                                                              • Slip lengths (full and half slips) are measured from the waist down – nightgowns and sleepshirts are measured from the shoulder down.
                                                                                              • Bra size is NOT the same thing as bust size. Generally, you can convert by adding bra band size (i.e., 34, 36, etc.) to cup size in inches (A=1″, B=2″, C=3″, D=4″, DD=5″).  For example, a 34C  Bra size = 37″ Bust measurement. Measuring your body is the most accurate method for sizing.
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