Underwear & Sleepwear Tips to Stay Cool in Summer

Summer has arrived! For most of us, it’s the best season of the year – a time to dust off the barbecue, picnic in the park, and hopefully take a vacation from ordinary life. But while basking in the warm glow of the sun by the pool is one thing, feeling overheated and sticky with sweat while you’re running errands is quite another. No one wants that. So what can you do about it?

The clothes we choose will have a big impact on how cool and comfortable we are during summer. Whether you’re tucked up in bed or taking a walk outdoors, picking the right fabrics and cuts can make all the difference to your body temperature. Here’s what to look for…

Velrose® Cotton Batiste Full Slip

Velrose® Cotton Batiste Full Slip

Natural fibers

Natural fibers are highly-breathable, which means they can wick moisture (i.e. sweat!) away from your skin so you stay feeling fresh and dry. In particular, cotton, modal, bamboo and silk are all very popular choices for summer underwear and sleepwear, since they’re not only natural fibers but also soft and lightweight ones too.

Breathable knit types

That’s not to say you can never feel comfortable in man-made fibers during summer, however. It all comes down to how they’re knit – thicker fabrics or ones with a densely-packed weave aren’t going to let your skin breathe, regardless of what they’re made from (wool is natural, but you don’t want to put on a thick wooly coat when it’s 90 degrees out!), while a finer fabric such as mesh or tulle is going to be better at letting the air through.

white babydoll nightgown with lace

Shadowline® Short Lace Bodice Nightgown

Floaty fits

Speaking of allowing air to circulate, this is crucial for keeping you cool at night as well as during the day, and could easily be the difference between restless and restful sleep. So instead of simply swapping long PJs for short, you might want to consider forgoing pajama pants altogether in favor of a loose-fit nightdress. Made from a breathable fabric of course!

Skip the hosiery

Summer is a time to embrace bare legs; a little bit of pampering with an exfoliating brush and moisturizer can give them the same lovely glow as a pair of sheer pantyhose, but without the added layer. But if you’re just too much a fan of how hosiery enhances your skin tone, try swapping full pantyhose for knee-highs – again, it’s all about allowing the air as much access to your skin as possible.

nude colored slip shorts with lace trim - anti thigh rub underwear

Velrose® Adjustable Length Slip Shorts

Anti thigh-rub underwear

If you’re someone who suffers from thigh chafe in summer, you’ll know how unappealing it can make the idea of walking anywhere in a skirt or dress when it’s hot out. At best, you can end up with a rash at the very time you want to be able to feel good in your swimwear. At worst, it can be downright painful! But the solution is simple: lightweight culottes to create a protective barrier. As a bonus, you’ve got a bit more modesty in case your floaty skirt gets lifted by the seaside breeze!

Cotton gussets

On the topic of underwear, remember those natural fibers we talked about? The most important place to have them is at the crotch, where a breathable fabric is a must-have for both comfort and hygiene on those swelteringly-hot days. So whatever your panties are made from, make sure they have cotton or another natural fiber in this area. With the exception of our Nylon Seamless Full Brief, all Shadowline and Dixie Belle panties have a soft cotton gusset lining.

What are your favorite underwear or sleepwear styles to keep cool in summer?