7 Different Ways to Wear a Slip

How many slips are in your closet? If the answer is “lots”, then you already know how wonderful this classic lingerie style can be – some would say it’s just as much an indispensable wardrobe staple as a pair of jeans. If, on the other hand, you’re not yet a convert, then allow us to explain some of the different reasons you may want to wear a slip, or different ways they can be styled. It’s a long list, as this is truly one of the most versatile garments a person can own!

Skirt slips vs. full slips

First, a little basic terminology. When we talk about slips, we’re actually including two types of garment. There are dress-like ‘full slips’, which have shoulder straps and can be anything from mini to floor length. They’re also known as chemises, slip dresses, or sometimes nightslips. Then there are skirt slips, which also get called half slips (because they’re only the ‘bottom half’ of a full slip) or, particularly for more decorative styles, petticoats.

You’ll also find pettipants in our collection. While these are not slips exactly, you might come across them being called ‘slip shorts’, and they offer many of the same benefits as a slip skirt for those who also want some protection against thigh chafing.

Shadowline® Lace Trim Dress Slip

Slips as sleepwear

Since they are intended to be worn as underwear, slips are often designed for comfort and made from breathable fabrics, which means that many full slips make excellent nightdresses! Look for ones with a soft touch and loose or flexible fit.

A little extra warmth

Come wintertime, slips can be a stylish alternative to traditional thermals. They provide an added layer of insulation from the elements, and help to trap warm air against your skin. Adding a slip below a skirt or dress made from thin fabric is a great way to turn it into a transitional piece you can wear across multiple seasons.

Keep your clothes cleaner

Another benefit of having an extra layer of fabric between you and your outer clothing is that your slip soaks up any sweat and body oils, instead of whatever you’re wearing over it. Hundreds of years ago, it was normal even for the super-rich to always wear a chemise next to the skin, specifically so that their outerwear wouldn’t need frequent washing. Today, this same principle can come in handy for prolonging the freshness of your delicate or dry-clean only garments.

Shadowline® Satin Essentials Adjustable Strap Chemise

The perfect loungewear

Just as they make great sleepwear, slips are fabulous for chilling in at home when you don’t feel like getting fully dressed. Imagine sipping your Sunday morning coffee in a glamorous satin slip for example, or kicking back on the sofa to watch the evening’s TV in soft pure cotton.

Line sheer clothing

Returning to the topic of slips under clothing, another scenario that’s easily solved by a slip is a too-sheer skirt or dress. No more worrying about your underwear being on show – in fact, as well as providing opacity, they have a smoothing effect that also effectively hides VPL (a visible panty line)!

Slips as skirt extenders

Speaking of adding modesty to an outfit, a slip with a pretty, lacy hemline (such as the Velrose® Cotton Batiste Half Slip) is a great way to add a little more length to a skirt or dress. The key to making it look like the lace trim is simply a design feature of the garment, and not a separate undergarment, is to choose a slip and skirt that are similarly voluminous, in complementary colors, and with the slip just a few inches longer. For our full slips, you’ll find the measurement from your natural waistline down to the hem in the description to help you pick the right length.

Shadowline® Silky Ballet Nightgown

Slips out and about

While some full slips and skirt slips look more like undergarments than others, some do have the potential to be worn as regular clothing. Slip dresses as outerwear are a major trend right now; with a pair of heels and a stylish bag, a satin nightdress can easily become a chic cocktail dress or laid-back summer dress. We also have it on good authority from a customer that our Velrose® Adjustable Length Half Slip makes an excellent skirt!

You can check out our full collection of full slips, slip skirts, and pettipants here. We’d love for you to tag us on Instagram showing how you wear yours!