How to Keep Underwear Hidden Below Clothing

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When it comes to keeping your underwear hidden below your clothing, there are two options. You can adapt what you’re wearing over it – such as choosing thick, textured, dark, or printed fabrics through which underpinnings are less likely to be visible – or you can pick your outfit first and then tailor your underwear choices to suit.

Most of us would prefer the latter. We’d rather build a lingerie collection that allows us the freedom to wear whatever we like over the top of it, than have our outfit options be dictated by our bra or panty. So today, we’re going to show you just how to do that!

Here are six tips and tricks to achieve lingerie that’s as discreet as possible:

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1. Choose nude underwear under white

What’s the best color underwear to wear under white? You might think white – but you’d be wrong! A white bra can be surprisingly visible below a white shirt. Rather than trying to match your underwear to your outfit color, the best way to keep it hidden under light colors or semi-sheer fabrics is to match it your skin.

That way, the section of those lightweight white summer pants that sits over your nude panty-clad derrière won’t look any different to the section that’s over your same-colored thighs just below it.

2. Pick a seamless or full-coverage panty

Many modern panties cut right across your cheeks, and if that edge digs in even slightly, it will create an indentation that can show through fitted clothing. But a thong isn’t your only option to avoid a visible panty line.

One solution is to choose a panty style with a full-cut back (such as any Shadowline Lingerie® style). The leg line sits in the natural crease below your curves, which helps to camouflage it. For something very fitted, such as a pencil skirt, you’ll get an even smoother look with seamless panties that have ultra-stretchy but elastic-free edges – this allows them to skim over your skin without pressing against it anywhere.

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3. Choose the right panty rise

Panty rise refers to how high up the waistband comes on your body. Depending on your outfit, low-rise panties may be preferable to stop the waistband of your underwear peeking out over the waistband of your skirt or pants when you sit down.

We’ve written a whole guide to panty rise, where you’ll find the exact rise measurements for some of our most popular styles (which you can compare to the waistband height of your favorite jeans or other pieces you have in your closet). Don’t want to sacrifice style for practicality? Our Nylon Hidden Elastic Hipster Panty is a low-rise panty available in a wide range of fun colors, while our Lace Trim Hipster Panty is topped with a pretty scalloped lace edge that sits low enough to stay well hidden.

4. Line your clothing with a smoothing slip

Slips are an excellent tool for minimizing the visibility of your underwear. Not only does a slip add opacity, preventing your outfit from being sheerer than you intended when you step out into the sunshine, but it will also make your clothes hang more fluidly by smoothing over any bra or panty lines. You can buy pant liners to do the same under pants, too.

It’s important that the shape of your slip follows the shape your outfit. Wear a straight rather than flared slip under a straight skirt, so you’re not adding bulk. If the slip has too much fabric, it will bunch up and create wrinkles which might then show through your clothing.

Velrose® Adjustable Length Half Slip

5. Keep your slip shorter than your skirt

Speaking of slips, you want them to be at least 1” shorter than your skirt. Or if the skirt has any slits, then at least 1” shorter than where the slit begins. Otherwise, all it takes is your skirt hem riding up a little when you sit down or as you move around, and the slip would become visible.

Our lace-hemmed Snip-It slips, our crochet edge slips, and our Adjustable Length Pant Liner can all be trimmed down with a pair of scissors without any risk of fraying, so you can easily customize the length to suit your favorite garments.

6. Ensure your undergarments fit well

You want your underwear to fit well for comfort reasons, but also for invisibility reasons! If your panties are too small, or your bra cups are, they’ll cut in and create bumps where there needn’t be any. And if your slip is too tight, it can actually accentuate any ‘flaws’ rather than glossing over them.

Be sure to check our measurements-based size guide if you’re new to shopping at Shadowline Lingerie®, and don’t hesitate to book a professional fitting at your local bra boutique if you think you might be wearing the wrong band or cup size.

Getting your underwear to completely disappear under your clothing is about finding the right combination of style, color, and fit. Keep the six rules above in mind, and never again will you have a fabulous outfit ruined by a visible panty line, or realize too late than your bra is way more visible through your top than you thought it would be!