Shadowline Lingerie and Nanny’s Nighties: A Pampering Non-Profit Partnership

We are delighted to announce that Shadowline Lingerie is now partnering with Nanny’s Nighties, a registered non-profit that’s dedicated to bringing a little pampering to women in long-term care facilities in our local area – via the medium of nightgowns, of course!

Co-founders Angie Kreider and her father Bob Atkins created Nanny’s Nighties after Angie’s mother Sharon Atkins was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. With some help from their local hospice, they were thankfully able to fulfil her wish of being cared for at home. However, it got them to thinking about the many others out there who are not so fortunate.

Inspired by both a desire to give back and by Sharon’s fabulous, fashion diva style, they founded Nanny’s Nighties in June 2021 with one simple mission: to deliver personalized sleepwear and personal care packages to those who may not have the financial resources or family to provide these kinds of ‘little luxuries’ for them. Because everyone deserves an occasional treat.

Nanny’s Nighties recipients with their new Shadowline® nightgowns.

“The quality of the [Shadowline Lingerie] products exceeded our expectations! They are the softest fabric and the styles are exactly what our ladies prefer.” – Angie Kreider

Angie liaises with local care facilities to find out each person’s size, favorite color, and style preference such as long or short sleeves. Then, using the donations the non-profit receives, she turns personal shopper to track down the perfect thing for each recipient.

Deliveries are made in April, in honor of Sharon’s birthday month, and again in December for the festive season; for some of the recipients, this is the only holiday gift they get. When we heard about what she was doing, we thought it was such a wonderful initiative that we wanted to get involved too!

We’re now helping Angie and Bob bring their indulgent care packages to many more care facility residents in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster and York counties by providing our nightwear at just the price it costs to manufacture, meaning future donations will stretch significantly further.

Shadowline® nightgowns from the super-soft, modal Before Bed collection ready for donation.

After delivering around 500 nightgowns since 2021, Nanny’s Nighties has already been able to add 170 Shadowline® gowns to that total, and last month we helped to deliver them in person and witnessed for ourselves the sheer joy that receiving a comfortable, stylish nightgown can bring. (Okay, we already knew that, but it’s still nice to see it first-hand!)

“The best part of Nanny’s Nighties is being able to talk about my Mom and remember her generosity and caring heart. The other best part is being able to share joy and love with those who may not get gifts or visitors. It brightens their day and mine too.” – Angie Kreider

Angie Kreider (right) with a Nanny’s Nighties giftee.

Love what Angie and Bob are doing? If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so online here or by mailing a check to Nanny’s Nighties, 3893 Sterling Way, Columbia, PA 17512. With no overheads and each gift being purchased for a specific recipient, every penny goes directly towards creating the Nanny’s Nighties care packages, and directly towards making someone feel special!