Shadowline® Long Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

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This long nightgown effortlessly layers the bodice for a comfortable and free-flowing fit that compliments all body types. It fashions a delicate flutter sleeve and floral pattern lining the neck to add a feminine touch. This ensemble comes in a soothing array of colors and pairs perfectly with our Petals button-down bathrobe.

• Flutter sleeve nightgown with embroidered flower petal design along scalloped neckline
• Our signature Petals embroidered yoke
• USA Fabric – 100% Opacitrique® Nylon Tricot
• 53″ length

Product Care: Machine wash warm with like colors. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Warm iron if needed.

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  1. Jane H. (verified owner)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’3”

    Age: : More than 65

    It’s very comfortable. The flutter sleeve allows for great shoulder and arm mobility during sleep. I love the long length as well. My mother wore the shadow line pajamas. I prefer the gown. I’ve been wearing shadow line for 30 years

  2. Janine M. (verified owner)

    usWisconsin, United States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 71

    Another beautiful nightgown from your site

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Height: : 5'8'"

    Age: : 65

    Please never change these gowns and robes. Have loved them for a very long time

  4. Sue R. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 70

    I haven’t worn this yet, since it is not Winter, but I have wanted this nightgown for a while. I think it will be a perfect addition to my collection of all my Shadowline gowns. Having the length for cold nights but having my arms free will be perfect.

  5. Karen (verified owner)

    usColorado, United States

    Height: : 5’ 4”

    Age: : 67

    Love these gowns. I have worn this style for years. My only complaint is I ordered navy and got the bright blue. I already have a bright blue.

    • Reply from Shadowline Lingerie (store manager)

      Hi Karen, we’re glad you love this style! We’re sorry to hear that it sounds like you may have received Sapphire instead of Navy – please take a look at our returns policy at and get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to put things right:

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5’8” or 174cm

    Age: : 50

    I loved the Long Flutter Sleeve nightgown so much in the Sea Foam I came back and bought it in Rasberry well as the matching robe in Periwinkle.
    I like the long length because even if it rides up in the night I don’t end up with my behind exposed. I can sit however I like without worrying about accidentally flashing my kids.
    The fabric feels silky, lightweight, doesn’t get tangled in one’s legs. If you’re traveling, it’s easy to hand wash and dries quickly. Overall the nightgown feels like a serendipitous discovery to me!

  7. Marilyn F. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 72

    Nice color and fit with a little more of a sleeve

  8. Karen L (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'1"

    Age: : 83

    I love these nightgowns. I now own about half a dozen. I still like the bright red one best, but all the colors are great.

  9. Marsha Dollins (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Height: : 5’4”

    Age: : 73

    I love this gown. It is my fourth one!

  10. Tracy (verified owner)

    usOklahoma, United States

    Height: : 5’8”

    Age: : 60

    I love this nightgown! It is very comfortable and moves easily with you, and as a wonderful bonus comes in beautiful colors.

  11. Mary (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5’2”

    Age: : 72

    The nightgown has a nice full fit, lovely color, and is not see-through. I’ve bought these nightgowns in the past and have found that they wear like iron. I wouldn’t wear any other kind.M

  12. Janice W. (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Height: : 5’4””

    This gown is so comfortable and it wears like iron. I have had several and some are decades old and still look new.

  13. Jane (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : The length for me is ankle length and I'm 5'6''

    Age: : 65

    I love these gowns! The colors are vibrant and they are so comfortable. They fit just right.

  14. Pat Kim (verified owner)

    usArkansas, United States

    Height: : 5ft. 6 1/2 in.

    Age: : 71

    I ordered the two new colors and I love them. They are both opaque!

  15. Janene F. (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    Height: : 5’ 8”

    Age: : 73

    Love the fabric. It is a bit thicker than other Shadowline gowns. During the winter it keeps me just the correct temperature all night.

  16. Pat Kim (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing these gorgeous gowns since I was around 20 yrs.old. Will wear nothing else to sleep in. I bought some of the lighter shades because there have been no new opaque colors for a long time. I don’t like them because you can see through!! Please bring black some new opaque colors!! Please!!!!

    • Reply from Shadowline Lingerie (store manager)

      Hi Pat, great news – we have just launched two new colors: Lilac, which is fairly light, and Raspberry, which is darker. Thanks for being a loyal Shadowline® customer!

  17. Mary (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    I LOVE this nightgown! It is pretty, comfortable, and easy to wash. My favorite one is this specific color of light blue. It is heavenly!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    Height: : 5'1"

    Age: : 70

    My favorite nightgown of all time and so far it seems like they haven’t changed the recipe. Love the petite length

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Height: : 5’10”

    Age: : 73

    Have worn these for many years. Very comfortable! Would like to see more dark jewel tone colors like teal back in stock.

  20. Terri R. (verified owner)

    Height: : 5 ft 6 in

    Age: : 64

    Wow factor of 9!! I usually won’t sleep in a gown with sleeves but I thought I would give “flutter” sleeves a try. They are sleeves, but not really. I truly LOVE this gown! I knew the material would be kinda see through so I ordered the darker color and I am going to buy more! Nothing says feminine like a long, silky gown!

  21. Jan (verified owner)

    usNew Hampshire, United States

    Height: : 5’7”

    Age: : 59

    Nicest color of blue!

  22. Wanda Carlton (verified owner)

    usLouisiana, United States

    Height: : 5'1"

    Age: : 85

    Need to return. One size too big. Too long and too big

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usNew Jersey, United States

    Height: : 5'4"

    Age: : 71

    The name confused me and I thought I was ordering a long sleeve nightgown! I’ve been wearing these gowns for years. I love them. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. I love the fabric. It doesn’t get caught under your body when you turn over in bed.

  24. Donna B. (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

    Height: : 5'6"

    Age: : 69

    I love it!

  25. Beatrice M. (verified owner)

    usMaine, United States

    Height: : 53 Inches and it comes right to my ankle

    Best Nightgown I’ve ever had.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMassachusetts, United States

    Height: : 5’ 7”

    Pretty, Great quality and Comfortable!

  27. Gayle

    I have been wearing the long Shadowline Petals since the 1980s. I can’t say enough good things about them. Comfortable wash after wash, and they are slow to disintegrate. My question is–why aren’t there any RED or BLACK petals nightgowns? I have one of each and would like to buy some new ones, but they have been discontinued. Will they EVER make a comeback? Please say yes.

  28. Pat Kim (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : 71

    I ordered three gowns in size medium. They came quickly and all were lovely. However they were all too big and way too long. I guess if I ever get anymore, I will try the small.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usNew York, United States

    Height: : 5ft 10in

    Age: : 65

    The gown matched my shadowline robe perfectly, and i cram them both in my suitcase when wrinkles!!!

  30. Claudia M (verified owner)

    usAlabama, United States

    Height: : 5'5"

    Age: : 65+

    My 2nd in this style. Their Opacitrine fabric is modest & like silk to sensitive skin, and wear well, reliably last 15 years. Bought bright pink for a change, soft neckline detailing. Love these gowns, can’t sleep in anything else! Great price too!

  31. Kathleen (verified owner)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    No other brand compares with Shadowline. Even without the robe (which I love with my gown), I feel my modesty is not compromised.

    I weigh 135-140 pounds and am 5’4″ tall. The medium size is perfect – nice and loose and ALMOST touching the floor.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usColorado, United States

    Height: : 5'6"

    Age: : 80

    Good quality

  33. Mary (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Height: : 5’

    Age: : 68

    I love this gown! It is pretty, feminine, silky soft, very comfortable, and not see-through which is nice when you have children present.

  34. jane h. (verified owner)

    usSouth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5 ft 3

    Age: : 69

    I have worn shadow line products for years. They fit to my body size and are so comfortable. The material is cool in the summer. Please do not change the style of the long nightgown. I love it!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usVirginia, United States

    Love all the gowns. Have been wearing them for many years and they hold up great.

  36. Barbara S. (verified owner)

    usMaryland, United States

    Height: : 5 ft 5 in

    Age: : 76

    Great when you pair with the long sleeve robe

  37. Kayfrances (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5’ 6”

    Age: : 24

    True to size. So very comfortable!!

  38. Vanessa-Marie (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5’11”

    Age: : 45

    I’ve been wearing Shadowline nightgowns since I was ten years old. My mom bought me my first Shadowline gown as a gift on my birthday in 1987. These are the only nightgowns I wear. The quality is top notch and these gowns wear forever.

  39. Jennie Honeycutt (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    I love this one also, I ordered for the color green as I did not have one and I love the sleeves, I like the long gowns best. Again best quality .

  40. Susan (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Height: : I'm 5 ft. tall

    Size M was just right.

  41. Janice W. (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

    Height: : 5’4”

    Age: : 73

    I love these nightgowns. They are comfortable and I think pretty.

  42. Katharine E Paty (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Height: : 5 '4

    Age: : 67

    Loved the nightgown and color was so pretty.Just wish they were a little cooler to wear.

  43. Jeanne (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Height: : 5'4"

    Age: : 70

    Love these night gowns. I like them because the material is thick enough to be cool yet cannot see through. Have bought this gown for many years and find them consistently high quality.

  44. Deb Gehan (verified owner)

    caOntario, Canada

    Love the nightgowns

  45. Ann Soltau (verified owner)

    usMinnesota, United States

    Height: : 5’3”

    Age: : 66

    I’ve had this gown for many many years . ❤️

  46. JoAnna Reedman (verified owner)

    My new favorite nightie. Comfortable, beautiful purple color and modest! I probably could have sized down, but on one hand I appreciate all the extra room. This nightie is NOT see through which is even better.These go great with garments. I am a new customer for life!

  47. Vivian Matienzo (verified owner)

    usFlorida, United States

    Always buy this brand, not only are they pretty, but they are not transparent! A good buy for me

  48. Valerie W. (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    She loved it !!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 60 inches

    Age: : 30

    Great material very well constructed

  50. Diane W.

    usCalifornia, United States

    These new nightgowns will last for 5-10 years. I’m still wearing the ones I bought 10 years ago…and I’m not joking. They’re the BEST on the market.

  51. Jamie (verified owner)

    usTennessee, United States

    I love, love, LOVE these gowns!!

  52. Judy L. (verified owner)

    usAlabama, United States

    Bought as gift but seems soft and true to size

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usIllinois, United States

    Height: : 6'2"

    Age: : 49

    Best nightgowns!!! Soft &comfortable

  54. Bettie Partee (verified owner)

    usOhio, United States

    Height: : is jus right for me.

    Age: : I'm 71.

    Love the nightgown, but personally i would hem the sleves just like the bottom is hemed. As sleves are now, they constaantly roll up. Also the neck line rolls up some also.

  55. Susan (verified owner)

    Height: : 5’6”

    Age: : Over 65

    Still the greatest. This is my 25th gown.

  56. Gail (verified owner)

    usNew Hampshire, United States

    Height: : 5' 2"

    Love this nightgown. Very comfortable to sleep in.

  57. Susan C. Bales (verified owner)

    usWest Virginia, United States

    Height: : 5’ 9”

    Age: : 68

    I ordered Navy but it is not really Navy.

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usTennessee, United States

    Height: : 5' 2"

    Age: : 62

    Very happy with fit and style

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Have worn these gowns for years. Love them!!! So comfy, I can’t sleep in anything else. Finally found them online and bought 3 at once. Will be coming back for more.

  60. Åsa J. (verified owner)


    Absolutely love it. Just what i was looking for whitout finding it Sweden.
    The fabric is so comfortable, soft and cool.

  61. jean (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5'1"

    Age: : 74

    I have worn Shadowline long, short-sleeve gowns for more than 30 years and I don’t own anything but Shadowline. I think I have every color they offer and more than one of some colors!

  62. Regina (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5'8"

    Age: : 70yrs

    I had to replace my shadowline gowns that were 20+ years old
    Superior quality, and style.I hope these last another 20 years..exceptional gowns. Stead fast quality.

  63. Sonya M. (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    Height: : 5'4

    Age: : 53

    Best gown ever doesn’t quite touch the grown. Perfect

  64. Pat K. (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Height: : 5 ft. 7 in.

    Age: : 69

    I’ve worn these gowns since I was 20. Love them! Fabric lasts forever and they are extremely well-made. Comfortable and pretty.

  65. Barbara L

    usOhio, United States

    Height: : sized too small

    Age: : sized too small

    sized too small

    • Reply from Shadowline® (store manager)

      Hi, we’re sorry to hear that your order wasn’t a perfect fit. Take a look at our measurements guide and sizing tips if you need some help finding your ideal Shadowline® size:

  66. Donna S. (verified owner)

    usArizona, United States

    Height: : 5’7”

    Age: : 57

    Beautiful nightgowns love them

  67. Sarah (verified owner)

    Been wearing Shadowline gowns for as long as I can remember. They are perfect for hot nights being made out of a lovely lightweight silk material. I’ve tried other brands and nothing else quite compares. I love the vintage feel of them and I’m surprised more young people don’t start buying them.

  68. Margaret Wells

    I have worn these nightgowns for 17 years and most are 14 to 17 years old and look like new. I am just now replacing 3 at a time. Well worth the money. I have never had a nightgown that has lasted anywhere near this long

  69. Cindy Irvin

    I love Shadowline gowns! I have 4 longs and 1short!
    Do you have or plan on bringing back the elbow flutter sleeve long gowns? My favorite!

  70. clanney (verified owner)

    Most comfortable gown ever. Bought 4 for me, 2 for each of my daughters. These never wear out. Nothing compares.

  71. Beverly Vail

    I love these and own 8 different ones. I wish you had a deep burgundy or merlot color. You had it several years back but never saw it again. Any chance you may bring that color back?

    Manufacturer’s Response: The Petals Collection included “Magenta” a few years ago. New colors are introduced annually so keep checking!

  72. Nicky

    These are absolutely the finest nighties I have ever had. I now have 8, mostly full-length. My wife urged me to get rid of 2 nighties from another brand, so I replaced them with 2 more from the Petals Collection. Colors don’t fade, and they hold up year after year. Love to lounge around the house in my Shadowline nighties! Will someday purchase panties to match the many colors of my nighties.

  73. susan

    Best money ever spent. I have 23 of these. Some are 20+ years old. They never rip, fray or come apart. I wash them every other wearing. Please do not stop making this style. It is the best. Cool and silky and not see-through.

  74. Joy

    I own three and I am ordering 2 more. I wear ONLY these and they are GREAT,

  75. Jeri Beebe (verified owner)

    I have worn only Shadowline nightgowns for more than 50 years. When the business closed, my old gowns held up until Velrose brought Shadowline back. I currently have 10 gowns, and about to order 2 more!

  76. Jean Hart (verified owner)

    I am 72 years old and have used the Petals flutter sleeve long nightgown for as long as I can remember. My Mom used the Petals pajamas her entire life and we couldn’t get her anything but the Shadowline pj’s. I am a life long user of Shadowline and will continue to be so until I cannot get them anymore. Hope that never happens. The gowns are exceptional quality and last, last, last. Can’t find a better product anywhere!

  77. Kathleen DelFavero (verified owner)

    My sister have ordered many of these nightgowns over the years. They are the only nightgowns we wear, both short and long sleeve. We are both tall and the lengths are just perfect and are extremely comfortable and long lasting. Thanks!

  78. Barb Coop

    I am so glad I found that Shadowline carries these “petals” long-length gowns. There is simply no other gown as comfortable or as durable. These are my “go to” brand. Thank you Shadowline.

  79. Vanessa Marie Villarreal

    I have worn these gowns since I was a teenager. They are very comfortable and wash and wear well. I am a customer for life.

  80. SgtAF (verified owner)

    I bought a total of 5 for my wife at different times along with the sleeveless gowns of the same color. She loves these gowns because the are well made and they don’t ride up during the night, they hold their colors after every wash, even the sun doesn’t fade them. She wishes she could get the same colors in panties.. She also wonders why the color WHITE isn’t offered in these gowns or any of the other gowns for that matter .

  81. Tracey (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 5 of these! Top quality and not see through. So comfortable to sleep in! You can’t go wrong ordering this nightgown. What are you waiting for?

  82. Susan Weegar

    I have one long petals gown my favorite aunt bought me before she died 17 years ago and I still use it even though I’ve lost lots of weight since then. I recommend any Shadowline product for their softness and durability. Even the stretch lace isn’t scratchy. I prefer the petals long in flutter sleeves or long and hope you never stop making them.

  83. Melody White

    Can’t imagine sleeping in anything but my 3X Petals gowns. I have all the jeweltone colors and then some. There are at least 2 of them that are 10 years old. The quality is incredible. (The matching robes are nice too!)

  84. Chera Foster

    Petals nightgowns are very pretty and very comfortable. I am 77 years old and I have a collection in all colors. I intend to wear them always.

  85. Penny G

    I love petals! I have close to a dozen different colors. I wear a 28+ and easily fit into the 3X (I could do a 2X too but prefer all the extra room.) The lighter colors can be translucent with the darker being more opaque. They wash easily and clean well. They are well made, soft and comfortable. I’ve had some for over 12 years (Christmas Green!)

  86. Carolyn B

    Petals is the most comfortable gown I’ve ever worn I’m plus size and they give you plenty of room. They last a long time. I wish you had Chocolate and Emerald colors.

  87. Gaye B.

    I’ve had five Petals nightgowns for several years now. They are very well made. I love them. They are so comfortable. I won’t wear anything else to bed. Thank you.

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