7 Ways to Wear a Camisole

Whether you’re looking to build the perfect capsule wardrobe or simply give yourself more outfit options without buying multiple items, there’s nothing quite like a camisole. It’s an incredibly versatile garment that you can wear year-round, dress up or dress down, and wear either as underwear or fully on show.

Need some styling inspiration to make the most of your camisoles? Here are seven different ways to wear one:

Velrose® Adjustable Strap Lace Camisole

Under a V neck

Want to add modesty to a rather low neckline? A camisole is a great way to ‘fill in’ a V neck. Choose one that’s beautifully lacy so that it adds something to your outfit and looks intentionally visible, rather than accidental.

Velrose® Wide Strap Camisole

Under a sheer top

If you’re daring, a sheer mesh or lace top can look fabulous over just a bra. If you’re not, try a camisole instead. You can build different looks by wearing the same top with a similarly-colored camisole, one in a contrasting color, and one that matches your skin tone to maintain that ‘see through’ look.

Velrose® Cotton Batiste Camisole

Under a blazer or cardigan

If you’re going for more of a ‘business casual’ than ‘business formal’ look at work, a camisole is a great substitute for a shirt or blouse under a blazer or cardigan. Choose a jacket that’s nicely tailored or a cardigan that’s fitted (rather than slouchy) to keep the overall look smart, elegant and professional.

Shadowline® Lace Trim Camisole

Over a strapless bra

Camisoles aren’t just for wearing under things – they can also hold their own a stylish summer or night-out top! The only problem with wearing narrow-strapped camisoles as outerwear is that they can leave your bra straps on show, which looks less polished, but the easy fix for that is simply to pair them with a strapless bra.

Shadowline® Satin Essentials Wide Strap Camisole

Over a t-shirt

Here’s another idea for turning your lingerie camisoles into stylish outerwear: layer one over a top in a complementary color. It looks more ‘styled’ than wearing either garment alone, and adds warmth too so that you can keep wearing your favorite summer camisoles well into fall. If the camisole has a shorter hemline than the top, simply tuck the top or both pieces into a high waistline.

Shadowline® Adjustable Strap Camisole

Under knitwear

While the previous ideas may have all been about ways to work your camisole into your outfit, camisoles don’t have to be seen. They’re also an excellent addition to your underwear drawer, adding an extra layer of insulation in fall and winter and ensuring you always have something soft against your skin – great if you’re wearing a fun but itchy sweater over the festive period, such as one with metallic threads or sequins woven into the knit.

Velrose® Cotton Knit Lace Camisole & Shadowline® Drawstring Elastic Waist Pajama Pants

As sleepwear

Last but not least, you can also just wear any of our camisoles to bed! They’re an excellent alternative to fuller-coverage pajamas if those tend to make you overheat, and both our cotton and nylon camisoles will feel soft against your skin and allow it to breathe for a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you ever wear your Velrose® or Shadowline® camisoles as outerwear, we’d love to see how you style them – show us by tagging @shadowlinelingerie on Instagram!