How to Choose Lingerie for Your Wedding and Honeymoon

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, then you’ll know there’s a lot to do. Even choosing your outfit is a multi-step process – as well as finding the perfect dress, you also need to consider shoes, accessories, and what you’ll be wearing underneath it all.

Most brides-to-be like to treat themselves to new lingerie for this very special occasion, or need to because nothing they currently own works with the design of their wedding dress. So what should you bear in mind when wedding lingerie shopping, and how can you create a honeymoon-worthy trousseau of garments you’ll truly cherish?

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Wedding Lingerie: When to Shop

Do you go lingerie shopping before or after selecting the dress? A supportive, well-fitting bra can really change how a dress looks on you, so it’s a good idea to buy the bra first and take it to your dress appointments. Wear the panties you’ve picked out too – if you’ve chosen a fluid dress, you don’t want to only discover you’ve got a visible panty line when you’re hours from walking down the aisle!

However, check the returns policy and buy your wedding lingerie just shortly before you go dress shopping. It might be that the bra won’t stay hidden under your dream gown and you need to exchange it for another style, or you might even find you don’t need a bra at all. Many wedding dress bodices are structured enough to make wearing one optional, especially for smaller bust sizes.

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Wedding Lingerie: What to Wear on the Big Day

What is a getting ready robe?

While they’re certainly not a requirement, ‘getting ready’ robes have boomed in popularity in recent years. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a simple robe, such as our Satin Wrap Robe, which you wear while you’re having your hair and makeup done. The idea is that it will keep your outfit on theme in those start-of-the-day photos, before you’ve put on your gown. Some brides even choose to gift matching robes to their entire bridal party!

Choose comfort-first underwear

Whether you’re going for a two-piece bra set or something fancier, think carefully about whether you’ll be comfortable in it. Your wedding day will be a long and busy one, and the last thing you want is underwear that’s scratchy, prodding you with rigid boning, or in need of readjustment every five minutes. If you’ve fallen in love with a piece that’s beautiful but not especially comfortable, you can still buy it – just save it for the honeymoon.

Do you need a wedding garter?

The ‘garter toss’ is one of the oldest wedding traditions, dating back to the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it’s easy to find sets which include one beautiful keepsake garter for you, plus a less elaborate design to throw. However, many modern brides choose not to wear this accessory, so don’t feel like you have to. There’s also the option to wear one for that bridal-y feeling, but skip the toss part!

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Honeymoon Lingerie: What to Take With You

Treat yourself!

Think of your wedding and subsequent honeymoon as the perfect excuse to splurge on something more luxurious than you’d typically buy, or something you’ve always wanted but which felt too frivolous. If ever there’s a time to buy yourself fancy lingerie or nightwear ‘just because’, it’s when you’re getting married.

Need some inspiration? Made from shimmery nylon and trimmed with lashings of lace, our deluxe Silhouette peignoir set is especially popular with brides – as well as mothers, grandmothers, aunties and friends shopping for a bridal shower gift!

What color should honeymoon lingerie be?

You can wear whatever color you like, of course. But if you want to keep that ‘wedding’ feeling going throughout the honeymoon, don’t assume white, ivory or baby blue are your only options. Shades such as blush, rosy pink or silver can be wonderfully romantic too.

Choose pieces which are easy to pack

Honeymoon lingerie needs to go in a suitcase, so for larger pieces such as robes and nightgowns especially, pick easy-care fabrics which won’t crease or require specialist dry cleaning. Our nylon nightwear is fantastic for travel, because you can hang it up while you shower and the steam will make any wrinkles drop right out of the fabric.

Save space with multi-purpose pieces

While we’re on the topic of packing tips, a fab way to make the most of that precious suitcase space is to choose versatile items you’ll wear frequently during the trip, such as our short Vintage Lace Trim Chemise which works as a slip under dresses of practically any length and can be worn as a nightgown.

Above all, pick items you’ll love long term

Before you commit to a purchase, ask yourself if it’s something you’ll want to continue wearing once you’re back home. If so, not only is it better value for money, but every time you wear it again you’ll get to be reminded of your special day, potentially for years and years to come!

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Be sure to check out our bridal lingerie collection for more inspiration.