How to Mix-n-Match Bras and Panties

While some of us are less bothered than others about matching our lingerie on a daily basis, there’s no denying that a coordinated bra and panty set has the power to instantly make us feel more glamorous, and more put-together. But what to do when you find a fabulous bra and don’t like the panty that comes with it, or when your favorite bra brand is simply not the same as your favorite panty brand?

Luckily, two pieces don’t need to be perfectly matched to give you that confident, coordinated-intimates feeling! Here’s our advice for mixing and matching between brands with elegant harmony…

Shadowline® Nylon Hidden Elastic Hipster Panty in ‘Perifrost’

How to match colors

The quickest, easiest way to match your lingerie is to find two pieces in the same color – but unless you’re shopping for black or white, finding the exact same shade can be pretty tricky. So you can alternatively build a ‘tone on tone’ look with two shades of a particular color. Think lavender with grape, or cornflower and powder blue. If one of the garments has a pattern, simply pick out any color from it for the second piece.

Our panties come in a color palette that spans 21 shades, including everything from pastels to jewel tones to practical beige, so there’s probably a Shadowline® or Dixie Belle® style to match your favorite bra!

Shadowline® Lace Trim Hipster in ‘Nude’

Pay attention to trim styles

A bra and panty can be the same color and still not quite feel balanced alongside each other. For example, does one of them have clean, smooth edges while the other has decorative picot elastic or a lacy trim? Select pieces with a similar finishing, and they’ll look more like they were intended to be a set.

Velrose® Adjustable Cotton Knit Culottes

Choose similar fabrics

Similarly, a black satin and lace bra doesn’t have much in common with a plain cotton panty. That doesn’t mean that the two garments need to be made from the same material, but they should have a similar vibe. Ask yourself, does this bra or panty feel like an everyday one or something fancy? The answer should be the same for both if you want them to truly match.

Shadowline® Nylon Hidden Elastic Full Brief Panty in ‘Navy’

Consider the shapes

If you want to take things one step further, think about the overall look you want your set to have. Are you a fan of a retro silhouette? You can achieve it through a longline bra and a high-waist panty. Prefer to keep things contemporary? Pair a plunge with a high-leg cut for an all-over modern aesthetic. And a casual t-shirt bra is simply perfect paired with a hipster panty!

Shadowline® Comfort Band Full Brief Panty in ‘Orchid’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Melon’

Buy 2+ panties per bra

One final tip: to keep your bras in tip-top condition, it’s recommended to only wash them after two or three wears. That means that the panty part of your new ‘set’ is going to wear out sooner, since you’ll be washing it at least twice as often. So when you’ve found a panty that works perfectly alongside a bra, be sure to buy multiples! There’s also the option to buy two different panty styles, so you can switch up your lingerie set’s look to suit different outfits or occasions.

We hope this post has inspired you to try creating some ‘matching’ sets with your favorite Shadowline® panties!