How to Wash Nylon Lingerie and Sleepwear

Nylon, a man-made fiber, is a particularly durable option for ‘delicate’ clothing such as lingerie. It’s created by tightly bonding together lots of tiny, twisted threads to form a very smooth yarn that is incredibly strong and abrasion-resistant.

Nylon stockings were first introduced in 1939, soon after followed by nylon lingerie, slips and nightgowns. Their popularity quickly spread – here was a fabric that felt as lightweight on the body as silk, yet was cheaper and far more resilient!

At Shadowline Lingerie, we’ve been making nylon lingerie since the early days of its existence, and we’re still huge fans of this fiber today. Our exclusive Opacitrique® and Satintrique® fabrics offer two different takes on nylon underwear and sleepwear: one ultra-saturated and opaque, the other beautifully sheer and with a shimmer finish. We frequently hear from customers that they still wear pieces they purchased from us decades ago, a testament to nylon’s exceptional durability.

However, even nylon is not invincible. To keep your garments in perfect condition, you need to make sure you’re laundering them correctly. So, how should you wash nylon lingerie and sleepwear?

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At what temperature should you wash nylon lingerie?

The quickest way to ruin a nylon garment is to expose it to excessive heat. It will degrade the fabric, which can distort the garment or lead to pilling. The Shadowline®, Velrose® and Dixie Belle® nylons can all be washed in warm water, or you can use cold water if you want to play things very safe. Just don’t choose hot!

What detergent should I use for nylon lingerie?

Your regular laundry detergent will be just fine for nylon fabrics. However, never use chlorine bleach. Not only will it damage the fiber at a structural level, accelerating wear, but it can also give white or ivory garments a yellowish tinge.

Should I wash nylon lingerie by hand or in the washing machine?

To really maximize the lifespan of your nylon nightwear and lingerie, the gentlest option is to wash it by hand. Here’s how to hand wash your lingerie. However, we realize that you don’t always have time for that, and our nylon garments can safely be machine-washed too. We would recommend, however, using a protective mesh bag for more delicate pieces such as a nightgown with lace, or a design made from our lighter Satintrique® nylon.

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How should I dry nylon lingerie and sleepwear?

Nylon is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water rather than absorbing it. As a result, it dries rapidly! The best way to dry nylon clothing if you want to prolong its lifespan is to hang it in a well-ventilated but shaded area and allow it to air dry. Shadowline® sleepwear and underwear can also be tumble dried however, but only on low heat. Again, too much heat will damage nylon fabric, so use the low heat setting and don’t leave it in there any longer than necessary.

How do I prevent static on nylon clothing?

One minor downside to nylon lingerie is that, like most other water-repelling fibers such as silk and polyester, it develops static from friction. Luckily, it’s an easy solve. Adding a little fabric softener to the wash helps to reduce static, as does using a dryer sheet or wool dryer balls when tumble drying.

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Can I iron nylon lingerie?

Nylon is pretty wrinkle-resistant, so if you hang it to dry and store pieces such as robes and slips on a hanger rather than folded, you’ll probably find you don’t ever need to iron it. If you do, however, it’s crucial to keep the heat to a minimum. Some irons even called the lowest temperature setting the ‘nylon setting’. This is because while irons may reach as much as 500°F, many nylons melt at 428°F! For added protection, you can lay a thin sheet on top of your nylon garment while ironing it.

Keep the steam switched off also, and don’t iron damp nylon clothing, since water increases heat conductivity meaning the nylon will be susceptible to damage at a lower temperature. Lightly mist stubborn creases if necessary. Alternatively, and a great tip for traveling: hang your nylon garments close by while you take a hot shower, with the bathroom door closed so that steam accumulates – the wrinkles will drop right out!

How can I get stains out of nylon lingerie or sleepwear?

Cooking in your Shadowline® robe, and splashed it with oil? Spot treat stains before laundering using an enzyme-based stain remover. Since these target proteins and fats, and nylon is a synthetic fiber, they’ll work on the offending stain without damaging the actual garment.

Left: Shadowline® Short Sleeve Button Down Pajama Set in Opacitrique® nylon

Right: Shadowline® Short Lace Bodice Nightgown in Satintrique® nylon

Have any more questions about caring for your nylon sleepwear or underwear from Shadowline Lingerie? Our customer service team will be happy to help!